The Comparison of Adjectives – English, A1-A2

The Comparison of Adjectives

1.One-syllable adjectives as well as two-syllable adjectives ending in –y receive –er for the comparative and the…-est for the superlative:

  • Small-smallerthe smallest
  • Fat-fatterthe fattest
  • Busy-busierthe busiest
  • Easy-easier-the easiest


2. Adjectives formed of two or more syllables receive more and the most for both comparative and superlative:

  • Careful-more careful-the most careful
  • Difficult-more difficult-the most difficult



  • AS….AS                This machine is as good as the other one.
  • NOT AS…AS        This machine is not as reliable as the other one.




This machine is less reliable than the other one.


Irregular comparison

  • good-better-the best
  • bad/ ill-worse-the worst
  • much/many-more-the most
  • late(târziu,recent)-later-the latest (cel mai târziu/recent)

-the last (ultimul)

  • old-older-the oldest (cel mai batrân/vechi)

-elder-the eldest (cel mai în vârstă)

  • little-less-the least

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