Correct the Mistakes

Correct the mistake in each sentence, then check corrections with your teacher’s help.

  1. She’s been lost a lot of weight recently.
  2. John’s offered a place at university.
  3. I already locked the front door.
  4. She’s working hard for the past month.
  5. The washing-up wasn’t done since yesterday!
  6. I’m sure he’s watched me all day.
  7. Oh no – our flight was being cancelled.
  8. Have you finish painting the ceiling yet?
  9. I’ve been phoning six agencies, but there are no tickets left.
  10. They still have questioned all the suspects.
  11. Look! I am seeing the children play outside.
  12. Are you owning this place or is it rented?
  13. I do believe you, yet I find it hard to live with the truth.
  14. Things seem to get bad and worse every day.
  15. Do not disturb him! He has dinner
  16. You look like you don`t enjoy this party.
  17. This fabric is feeling very soft, I love it!
  18. We have launched a new medicine last month.
  19. She works for Vodafone for three years.
  20. My boss has just went to a meeting.
  21. She is just moved office.
  22. We have eaten lunch at one o’clock.
  23. Mike has finish his presentation.
  24. Our colleague has got married ten years ago.
  25. I am at the office since nine o’clock.

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