Listening Test 1 Part 4 – FCE

Part 4

You will hear an interview with Pamela Green, a young fashion designer. For questions 24-30, choose the best answer (A, B or C).

24 What helped Pamela to decide to become a fashion designer?

A working as an assistant in a fashion shop

B doing research into the fashion industry

C attending a course on fashion design

25 What does Pamela say about having a degree in fashion?

A It’s essential for promotion.

B It’s evidence of your ability.

C It guarantees you a better income.

26 Pamela says that when starting your own fashion label, it’s most important to

A enjoy the creative process.

B contact shops that might sell it.

C have a business plan.

27 Where does Pamela usually find inspiration for her fashion designs?

A in the work of other designers

B in the styles of other countries

C in the clothes her friends wear

28 What aspect of her work does Pamela find most difficult to deal with?

A the pressure to meet deadlines

B the failure of some of her designs

C the need to attend fashion shows

29 According to Pamela, successful designers need to be able to

A predict future fashions.

B recognise all past styles.

C get their designs published.

30 What advice does Pamela have for people who want a career in fashion?

A Be aware of the options available.

B Don’t be afraid of sudden fame.

C Learn from your own errors.

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