Conectori în limba engleză

De ce îi folosim?

Rolul principal al conectorilor este de a lega două propoziƫii. De asemenea, conectorii ne ajută să fim mai expresivi. Ne ajută să fim fluenƫi şi dau sens propoziƫiilor şi frazelor pe care le enunƫăm.

Mai jos veƫi găsi cei mai folosiƫi conectori din limba engleză:

  1. Cause and effect: therefore, as a result, consequently, as a consequence, hence, thus, conclusively, in conlusion, inevitably, because, since, as, thereby, because of, as a result of, due to.
  2. Comparison: likewise, similarly, in the same way, as, like, similar to.
  3. Contrast in expectation: however, nevertheless, yet, still, on the contrary, unfortunately, originally, surprinsingly, ideally, apparently, although, even though, though, despite the fact, but, despite (of), in spite of, but.
  4. Contrast in comparison: on the other hand, in contrast, conversely, while, whereas, unlike.
  5. Contrast in action: instead, instead of.
  6. Emphasis: in fact, indeed, as a matter of fact, that is, essentially, inevitably, fortunately.
  7. Main reason: primarily, most important.
  8. Confirmation: usually, traditionally, normally, clearly, in accordance with.
  9. Clarification: in other words, that is, to sum up, in summary, summing up.
  10. Generalization: in general, generally, generally speaking, in a boarder context/perspective.
  11. Specialization: in particular, particularly, specifically.
  12. Additional information: moreover, besides, additionally, in addition, furthermore, with.
  13. Continuation of explanation: in this context, in this connection, in this respect, in this perspective.
  14. Condition: in that case, otherwise, now, given, if, provided that, when, while, until, as long as, now that, once that.
  15. Without condition: regardless, despite, even though, regardless of, despite of.
  16. Example: for example, for instance, as shown by, as exemplified by, as illustrated by, like, such as, be it.
  17. Qualification: at least.
  18. Ordering: first of all, second of all, then, next, now, continuing, further, finally, before, after.
  19. Reintroduction: regarding, for, in connection with, focusing on, with respect to.
  20. Conjunctions used in pairs: either…or, neither…nor, both….and, whether…or, not only…but also.


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