Listening Test 1 Part 1, First

Part 1

You will hear people talking in eight different situations. For questions 1-8, choose the best answer (A, B or C).

  1. You overhear a woman recommending a campsite

Why does she recommend it?

A It’s close to tourist attractions.

B It’s in an area of natural beauty.

C It has a wide range of facilities.

2 You overhear two friends talking about global warming.

How does the girl feel about it?

A pessimistic about the future

B surprised at the effects it’s having

C unconvinced that there’s a problem

3 You overhear a young couple talking about moving to the country.

Why does the man object to the idea?

A He wouldn’t be able to work there.

B He’d miss the facilities of the city.

C He wouldn’t be near to his friends.

4 You hear a part of a radio programme about food.

Why should listeners call the programme?

A to take part in a recipe competition

B to find out about a cookery course

C to ask questions about cooking

5 You hear the beginning of a programme about college canteens.

What point is being made about them?

A The choice of food has improved.

B Students like the food on offer there.

C Teachers complain about the quality of the food.

6 You hear a young woman talking about her career.

Why did she accept a job in a bookshop?

A She needed a steady income.

B She thought it would be enjoyable.

C She hoped to improve certain skills.

7 You hear part of a programme about a clothes designer.

What does the woman like about the clothes he designs?

A They are practical.

B They are colourful.

C They are original.

8 You overhear a discussion about the sport of snow-kiting.

What does the man say about it?

A It’s easier to learn than other winter sports.

B It’s more dangerous than other winter sports.

C It requires less equipment than other winter sports.

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