Connectors: addition, contrast, reason, purpose – English, A2

CONNECTORS are words we use to link ideas together

  • can join the clauses together within one sentence. In this case we put them within the sentence
  • can link ideas across two separate sentences, one sentence following another. In this case the connector usually begins the second sentence

ADDITION: and, also, not only…but also, besides, moreover, in addition

CONTRAST: but, although, however, in spite of/despite

EXPRESSING REASON: because, as/since, because of, due to

PURPOSE: to/in order to

RESULT AND CONCLUSION: so, therefore, consequently

REALITY: as a matter of fact/in fact, actually, but in fact, indeed/and indeed

INFORMATION/EVENTS SEQUENCE: first/firstly, secondly, next/then/after that, finally

CLARIFICATION: namely, including, especially

EXEMPLIFICATION: for example/for instance, such as

SUMMATION: in short

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